Throughout the pandemic, our main goal was to continue sharing the Good News of Jesus with as many people as possible.

We first adapted our services to a full virtual platform. Then, as we were able to offer in-person services, we adapted once again to help create safe environment to hear the Gospel. 

One of the difficulties we have faced is having flexible seating.   While our pews are beautiful and have served us for many years they make it more difficult for us to share the gospel by limiting the amount of people we can have come in.
By replacing our current seating with chairs, we will be able to accommodate up to 22 more people per service.  That is potentially 22 more people that will be able to hear the gospel each and every week.  
We believe chairs are more than just a chair.  When you think of the lives they carry, suddenly they take on a whole new meaning. In 2019 (pre-pandemic numbers), we conservatively estimate that 4700 times a person sat in a seat at one of our church services. Each of those people experiences their fair share of joys and challenges in life – the single parent, the newly married couple, the older person, the young professional, the student. Each person is welcomed into our church family with genuine love and open arms as they sit in seats we provide for them.

With that in mind, we’re asking you to join us in providing a chair for someone to hear Echo Lake’s message of HOPE through faith in Jesus Christ. Can you buy a chair? Each chair will cost Echo Lake Church $60.

We’ve called this campaign “More than a Chair” for a very good reason. See, just one chair will carry between 52-104 people per year. Over 5 years, that’s 260-520 lives. Over 10 years, that’s 520-1004 lives! Add to that extra services for holidays, bible studies, and retreats, and the number is much higher. What better investment can you possibly make than sowing into the lives of people?

For less than the monthly cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can invest in a chair that will carry the lives of more than 1004 people each year. That’s 1004 people who will hear the life-transforming message of Jesus!

So, can you help us? Will you buy a chair? Maybe you could buy more than one chair? Please prayerfully consider what part you can play. By buying a chair, you are investing in eternity. Only God really knows the impact. This is a great investment. The giving details are below.

Above is a sample of the chair that we
will be getting. The color will be a little different than the above sample.
It is more of a grayish/brown. 
  • Check/Cash by dropping it in the OFFERINGS box at the back of the church or mailing it to:            Echo Lake Church, 1355 Macopin Rd., NJ 07480
  • On our website
  • Using the App on the GIVE tab (be sure to select “More than a Chair Campaign” in the                  dropdown box
  • Text the amount and the word chairs to 84321 (ie: “60 chairs”)