Oct 8, 2023
Are you Going to Heaven?
  • Oct 8, 2023Are you Going to Heaven?
    Oct 8, 2023
    Are you Going to Heaven?
  • Oct 1, 2023Kick The Bucket
    Oct 1, 2023
    Kick The Bucket
  • Sep 24, 2023Check the Gate
    Sep 24, 2023
    Check the Gate
  • Sep 17, 2023Sermon 091823
    Sep 17, 2023
    Sermon 091823
  • Sep 10, 2023Grief is Good
    Sep 10, 2023
    Grief is Good
    What if I told you that grief could be the very thing that leads you back to joy? Today's heartfelt conversation is an exploration of the complex journey of grief, loss, and faith-inspired healing. As we reflect on the poignant end of Abraham and Sarah’s marriage, we examine the profound impact of their story and the life lessons it offers about love, loss, and the transformative power of grief.